mhmdsabaraWithin the high unemployment rate, which exceeds 28%, finding a job is not an easy task in Palestine. Hence, self-development and capacity building are vital in finding job opportunities. Maath Saya’ra, from Kharas village in Hebron, realized that enrollment in the courses provided by Continuing Education and Community Service Center will enhance his skills and enable him to obtain a good job. Later, Saya’reh got a job with the Palestinian National Telecommunications Company (Wataniya), the second Mobile network operator in Palestine.
“I decided to join this course because I believed that college degree alone is not enough to get a job, and I needed to possess the required experience and skills for the labor market, which I managed to achieve through the CEC by receiving several specialized courses.” Among the courses he received was a course in Tax Management in Palestine and other skills in communication, reports writing, management, ICDL, in addition to several other courses.
Saya’reh stated that sometimes he had to take more than one course at the same time because he wanted to gain as much skills as possible in the shortest time.
Saya’reh graduated at the end of 2015 with a number of international and local certificates as well as practical training certificates. Assisted by the University, he joined a training program for more than three months at Kharas Municipality at the Accounting Department. Saya’reh also designed a simplified accounting software for one of the small businesses using the Excel program.
After graduating from high school, Saya’reh enrolled in the Polytechnic University to specialize in Applied Chemistry, which was not his choice. Shortly, he decided to withdraw from the Polytechnic for several reasons including lack of interest in Chemistry, as well as inability to pay the tuitions when his family had financial crisis. “There was a tremendous amount of pressure on me not to leave polytechnic, to the extent that some people started calling me (the looser) for dropping out,” he said. “This created a challenge for me and I determined to resume my education”. Saya’reh decided to enroll in QOU at Bethlehem branch and to specialize in business administration “I devoured the books from the very first day, so I can compensate the time I lost,” he said.
After four years of study and work, Saya’ra graduated from QOU with a degree in Business Administration with a good grade.
Few days later he managed to get a job as a Marketing and Sales Officer at Update Technology Co., a maintenance and technology company in Hebron. Shortly, he got a job at the customer service department at the Palestinian National Mobile Company (Al wataniyah) which is one of Oredoo International, and then moved to work in the sales department at the company as an Accounting Manager (TAM).