najahdip1The dream of Iman Zawahreh came true after she obtained a professional diploma in Modern Secretarial and Office Management from the Center of Continuing Education and Community Service at Al Quds Open University. Iman managed to get a job at the Directorate of Local Governorate.  Every day, Iman comes to work with a bright smile on her face and hopes for a better tomorrow.

Iman Zawahra describing her experience in “Modern Secretarial and Office Management” Diploma, stated  the difficulties and obstacles that she faced while being a housewife,  a mother and a student at the same time, but the  support of the CEC staff helped her overcome the obstacles and obtain her  diploma.

She pointed that this diploma did not only give her the knowledge and skills of the secretarial job, but also gave her self-confidence, and increased her eligibility to serve as an example for the outstanding female employee with outstanding performance.