“When I see the smile on the faces of the students the moment they see the new truck that carries the Mobile Educational Center, I realize the important role  of this center,” said Sewar Kamel Ahmed, a student at the Computer Information Systems at QOU- Yatta Branch talking about The Mobile Educational Center, which was accomplished by CEC.

The Center aims at improving educational opportunities in south of Hebron through a truck equipped with computers and a library containing electronic and printed books, to enhance the competencies of teachers in targeted schools, and to enhance teamwork spirit within youth through participation in voluntary campaigns. Furthermore, it aims at empowering women in these areas and improving their computer skills.

“The world has become a small village connected to each other, but we felt we were still marginalized and isolated , until the Mobile Educational Center came to our village and gave us the chance to get acquainted with this new age of technology. It provided us with the technological services that we need at our schools, to enhance the quality of education, especially in computers and other technological information, research, reporting and other educational requirements, I gained a lot of experience, learned about the latest developments in computer world as I participated with my fellow teachers and my friends from the local community in the ICDL course” said Mr. Oudeh Najadeh, the headmaster of Al Ka’abneh school.  Areej Mohammad Ali Da’ajneh, student at 10th grade, expresses her happiness when she sees the Mobile Center saying “We rarely see this development in this corner of the world, I was very happy when I saw all these devices and screens in one truck, I got acquainted with the technological developments thanks to this Mobile Educational Center.”


Benefits for the whole community

The Center, was funded through (CRDP) by the Governments of Sweden, Austria and Norway through a program led by the Palestinian Government and implemented through the United Nations Development Program. It serves all segments of the society.

Fatima Al Faqeer -a mother of three students at different stages of school- said, “I participated with my daughters in the activities of the Mobile Educational Center and in many recreational, educational and awareness activities and learnt computer skills, I hope that they will be implementing these activities again so more people will benefit”.  Another lady mentioned that she participated in the activities of the Mobile Educational Center, because she felt that they meet the needs of the students and parents, especially in terms of computer and educational topics, awareness and entertainment, and help in enhancing the skills of the participants, and empowering the role of women in the community”.




The Center changed the concept of volunteering and education for many

“In similar areas, the Mobile Educational Center is a dream for many,” commented a volunteer at the center. “Many of these areas are experiencing social, political or economic conditions in which it is difficult to obtain the most basic rights, I have always believed in volunteering and working in a team-oriented environment, so I focused on teaching students and women how to use the computer and the electronic library to get the information they need . Yes, the center has changed our perspectives about volunteering and education as a whole”, added Sewar Kamel, a volunteer student.


Target group considers education a paramount importance despite of the difficult situation


Mutasim al-Jundi, a third year student in social services at QOU Yatta Branch talked about the academic conditions in the targeted areas “I cannot imagine our daily life without the Internet, technology, networking sites, etc. but here the situation is very different, social networking sites and other convenient ways of life are at the bottom of their list of priorities, yet education is one of their top priority” He added: “I volunteered in several activities and in different places, but volunteering at this center has a bigger value, it is something new for us in Palestine, the students I met were appreciative and eager to learn.

Through volunteering trips with the Mobile Center, Mo’tasem was able to deliver the concerns of his students and residents of the marginalized areas of southern Hebron in general; he said, “Their most concern was the poor level of education, especially the computer-related sciences. I taught them in several fields and tried to enhance their computer and cognitive abilities in general. Whenever I teach a lesson or lecture, I find that their interaction reflects their need for science and knowledge and their desire to learn. ”

“The center developed me academically and professionally”

Reem Ibrahim Abu Sabha -a student in mathematics at QOU in  Yatta Branch- said that she accompanied the Mobile Educational Center since  its operational phase, volunteering in it developed her self-confidence “I have learned a lot about the way to deal with students and recipients in general. This will facilitate my future job”, her volunteering in the center not only benefited residents of the marginalized areas and her students, but also enriched her information in many fields, including voluntary work as well as computer skills.

It is worth mentioning that the The Mobile Educational Center implements various academic activities, such as teaching the recipients how to use the computer lab in the implementation of the curriculum for the intermediate stage (grades 6 to 10) in a number of schools, including Hathalin, Kaabneh, Masafer Yatta, Zweidin, Aldairat, and Semia in Samou’. The Center will also organize many community awareness seminars and workshops in various fields, such as raising children, agriculture and women’s health, using the technology available at the Center.