About the Training and Development Department

The Training and Development Department was established in 2000 at the Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC), and then in 2013, it was merged with the Center for Continuing Education and Community Service in order to mobilize efforts and expertise in one training venue. The Training and Development Department consists of two basic units: the Training and Follow-up Unit and the International Examinations and Accreditation Unit. The Department is responsible for planning and implementing vocational and technical training programs to meet the training needs of the university’s staff and students, besides the needs of the local community and its institutions by applying the best training practices that comply with international standards.

Objectives of the Training and Development Department:

  1. Planning and coordinating for training programs to meet the training needs of the University staff and students as well as employees in public and private institutions.
  2. Human capacity development based on modern methods and internationally approved standards.
  3. Continuing professional development of knowledge and skills of the university students, employees and members of the local community by organizing various conferences and activities on continuing education.
  4. Providing internationally accredited training references and methodologies through establishing partnerships with many institutions and companies specialized in the fields of training.
  5. Providing the opportunity to hold international examinations to meet the needs of trainees to obtain an internationally certified certificate.
  6. Maintaining the management and operation of the computerized systems used in the management of training, as well as the servers and devices used in international examinations within international standards.