Projects Section


The Projects’ Section was established in the framework of the new structure of CEC. The development plan of the University emphasizes the need to establish this section within the center with a main objective to develop, manage and implement projects financed by foreign or local bodies. The section works in cooperation with the different departments of the University and experts in order to achieve sustainable development.

Overall Objectives:

To achieve communication between the institutions of the university and donors, and to utilize the resources of the Palestinian community and employ these resources for the benefit of the University while contributing to the sustainable development of the Palestinian society.
Strategic Goals:

  1. Achieve the mission of the University and its strategic objectives through the academic and administrative development projects requested by the University in accordance with agreed upon priorities.
  2. Recruit financial support and local and international expertise for the implementation and the success of the planned projects at the center.
  3. Identify the university’s needs of development projects in general.
  4. Follow up advertisements, in all types of Media, in regard to projects’ proposals that comply with the policies of the University.
  5. Sign partnership and twinning agreements with Palestinian ministries on the one hand, and with private institutions on the other hand, to facilitate obtaining funding for projects that require this type of partnership.
  6. Apply for local, regional and international excellence competitions.