Current Projects

  1. Boosting Innovation in Education and Research of Precision Agriculture in Palestine /BENEFIT

    The BENEFIT project is funded by the European Union through Erasmus+ program and is implemented by al-Quds Open University as the coordinator in collaboration with nine local and European universities over a period of three years. The project aims to develop a specialized curricula in precision agriculture that aligns with modern e-learning courses. This is particularly important in light of the global trend towards e-learning following the challenges brought about by COVID-19 pandemic in all educational and economic activities.

  2. Enhancing Early Childhood Education and Care in Palestine (CARE)

    Under the support of the European Union and within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, the project is led by al-Quds Open University in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Development and the partnership of local Palestinian universities and six other European educational institutions.

    The project spans over three years and aims to ensure that Palestinian children have access to comprehensive and sustainable early childhood services. This will be achieved through the government’s commitment to providing services in collaboration with relevant universities and institutions involved in local, regional, and international early childhood care. The project also prioritizes the inclusion of the rights of Palestinian children, ensuring justice, equality, and addressing any challenges faced by the early childhood education.

  3. International Course in Entrepreneurship (Set-Up, Design and Deliver), funded by e-Omed and in collaboration with Tunis Virtual University

    Al-Quds Open University has recently launched an International Program which is one of the outstanding educational programs which employs the experiences of its practitioners in widening access to higher education. Al-Quds Open University in cooperation with the Virtual University of Tunis will implement a project entitled International course in Entrepreneurship (Set-Up, Design & deliver) and will employ a group of experienced specialists in the field to work together as a team aiming to design and develop an international curricula in Enterprensourship ( in Arabic Language. Yet, the subtitles the videos and the tutorial material necessary for this course will be translated in English Language for worlwide use.

  4. Reinforcing Access to Cross Border Employment at the Palestinian Higher Education Institutions -PHEIs [REACH]

    REACH is funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program, is led by the Islamic University of Gaza and the partnership of al-Quds Open University and several Palestinian and European partners. Over a four-year period, the project aims to enhance the capabilities of Palestinian higher education institutions to provide cross-border employment opportunities for graduates, particularly in the area of remote work. This involves establishing infrastructure, training academic and administrative staff, and equipping graduates with specialized skills. The project also includes the creation of a dedicated remote work platform for Palestinian university graduates.

  5. QOU Hybrid Innovation Hub – Phase II

    The project aims to build the capacity of Palestinian youth – especially (vulnerable youth and adolescents) in the field of the 21st century skills especially employment and resilience tracks. Nevertheless, the project focuses on the entrepreneurship skills in a collaborative learning environment in order to equip the Palestinian youth with the skills to market their products to compete in national, regional and global markets. QOU utilized the mobile learning center (truck) to serve the marginalized areas (disadvantaged) in both Tubas, Jericho district, and Jordan valley. The truck is equipped with a generator and about twenty computers, fast Internet Access, and library. The project will train 100 participants on the 21st century skills. The project is funded by ENABEL-in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor. The Continuing Education and Community Service (CEC), and the University branches in Ramallah and Jenin.

  6. Green Jobs and Sustainable Income Opportunities for the Palestinian Female and Male Youth in the Agrifood Sector–Phase II

    This project promotes social and economic stability among Palestinian youth by enabling targeted youth to access decent and sustainable green job opportunities in the agrifood sector. The project targets unemployed graduates, university students in their last year and unemployed youth. The project is achieving this outcome through three primary outputs: Strengthen the capacities of 480 Palestinian female and male youth to identify and utilize green jobs and green enterprise opportunities within the private and public sectors and with civil sector partners in the agrifood sector. 60 Palestinian female and male youth are supported in pursuing innovative, profitable and sustainable entrepreneurships in the agrifood sector and develop the capacity of vocational training centres to equip 112 underskilled and unemployed female and male youth with knowledge and skills that match agrifood labour market demands.

    The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and Implemented in partnership with Hebron University, An-Najah National University, Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie, al-Quds Open University and al-Quds University.

  7. Enhancing STEAM Culture Among Jerusalemite Students Through Several Extracurricular Activities.

    The project aims to enhance access for Palestinian children and youth to quality education and the acquisition of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) skills in innovation and sustainable development. STEAM-based learning provides students with tools and methods to explore new and innovative ways of problem-solving, data presentation, and innovation. It also integrates various scientific disciplines and fosters life skills. The goal is to equip youth with knowledge and skills to participate in problem-solving initiatives that address global challenges such as climate change and citizenship. The project is funded by Belgian Development Agency (ENABEL)

  8. Development of a National STEAM Palestine Strategy

    The project aims to improve the quality of education and shift the education system to a dynamic, and learner-centered educational methods in Palestine. In addition, to the development of a capacity-building plan for relevant staff and students, infrastructure and other resources required for STEAM implementation and delivery arrangement of the Program in Palestine. The project is funded by UNICEF and is implemented by al-Quds Open University and al-Quds University

  9. Professional Diploma Development for Kindergarten Teachers in partnership with the Ministry of Education, funded by the World Bank.

    The project aims to enhance the capabilities of kindergarten teachers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, funded by the World Bank in partnership with the Ministry of Education. The project will train 130 kindergarten teachers and equip them with the necessary skills over a duration of 24 months. The project will be implemented through the Faculty of Educational Sciences and the branches of the University in Tubas and Jericho, as well as branches in Gaza.